ABDUCTING EUROPE:: November 5th-December 19.

Featuring Bratkilla+Dioptrics

Abducted Records presents its first ever Abducting Europe tour! After the successful Abducting America tours featuring Bratkilla and Dioptrics, they have decided to move their focus to Europe. Between the 2 of them, they boast a huge list of accomplishments in their careers. Bratkilla has been taking the dubstep world by storm with his trademark Deathstep sound. Releases on major labels such as Abducted, Betamorph, Chronos, and several others, you need not look far to find a Bratkilla tune slaying a dancefllor! Dioptrics hails originally from the Drum and Bass scene, boasting both vinyl and digital releases on several labels such as Abducted, Sudden Def, Biotic, Dangerous New Age and more. With the inception of Abducted Records in 2008, their sets now feature a wide variety of sounds showcasing the most upfront dubstep + drum and bass and everything in between.


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A virtually unknown artist just one year ago,  Bratkilla has shot to fame almost overnight; taking over the Dubstep scene with the force of nature that is his sound. A pioneer in the Deathstep genre, Bratkilla’s humble beginnings producing and experimenting with the extreme limits of Dubstep has most certainly paid off for the young genius and his fans. Using nothing but a pair of worn out computer headphones and his ingenuity, it’s almost hard to believe that behind his soft-spoken nature and sense of humor lies so much massive, angry and mind shredding sounds. We were warned, we took just another bedroom producer for granted, but we paid the price, and what a price we paid.


Check out Bratkillas soundcloud here : http://soundcloud.com/bratkilladubstep

ALSO dont forget to get this free track from Bratkilla and Abducted Records:



The duo that masterminded the record label Abducted Records, Dustin and Dorian aka Dioptrics, have been pushing the boundaries of the Drum and Bass scene on a global scale for years. With releases both vinyl and digital on labels such as Sudden Def, Biotic, Dangerous New Age and Flight amongst others, their catalouge speaks for itself with signature hard synthlines, heavy bass and huge drums! With the inception of Abducted Records, Dioptrics has broadened their horizons to include the most upfront Dubstep as well as their signature “Neuro DNB” sound. Touring extensively across the USA on their “Abducting America” tours, as well as one off bookings, their sets always please any fan of agressive and upfront music. Be on the lookout for their forthcoming releases as they push forward to help maintain their name as a staple in the scene!


Check out the Abducted Records soundcloud here : http://soundcloud.com/abducted

ALSO don’t forget to get this free tune from Dioptrics and Abducted Records:



ALSO check out the 100% all Abducted Records mix done recently by Dioptrics to get an idea of what to expect on the tour!




This tour is being booked in conjunction with Miss RS Management.

Visit their site here : http://missrsmanagement.wordpress.com/