Hello to the Alien Army!

Thanks to everyone who has been working with us on this massive compilation. The dates and deliverable’s have been pushed back a couple weeks, but we felt like it was necessary to make sure this release was as big as possible. We have plans for some of the material to be published via limited edition CD, and we also have a shirt in progress for the release as well. We will have several additional avenues of marketing for this release, and the speculative release date (digital) is July 4th. We have been told we should be hopefully getting features on itunes as well as Beatport at least (but we all know how speculative that can be).

We are asking that no final clips be posted until Abducted Records has made a full announcement of the release, including art, plans for production (cds/shirt) and etc. Tracks on mixed/played live are ok, but we are trying to wait to make sure we have a cohesive identity for this release. So until we have final art, we would like to wait to post clips on media outlets if possible. thanks!

Please sign this contract and email to info@abductedrecords.com and we will shoot you back your master 🙂 If you have any questions, feel free to contact us with them as well. We already have verbal / written agreements in place for these all, this is just a formality. We need to make sure everything is covered due to the large volume of publicity we are expecting/planning for.

Download the contract by clicking the link below!
Abducted Records and Artist Individual Track Agreement for Alien Army Album

ALSO here is a sneak peak at the design in progress for the shirts. Please do not share this image, or this page, with anyone who is not involved with this release.



Like i had mentioned, we are going full blast with this one!! Looking forward to getting this one out to the world!

Here is the list of artists participating in this release in no specific order ( I believe it is 100% complete, but there may be one or two changes/additions. I am not in my lab currently)

Dioptrics, 1up, Hulk, Itchy Robot, Skeeze, Ben Sage, Subsonik, RA:SKL, Tabata, MC Flax, We Bang, Rufio, Crimes!, 4mulate, Jphelpz, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Nato Feelz, Isee, Hoob, Braincrack, Evanz, Arzien, Cek, Cemtek, Deszo, Dubscribe, Headtrama, Jahe, Jasek, K100, Netics, Noya, Nyctophobia, Oculus, SickorWell, Skydroid, Slynger, Stupidhead, Vash, & Enzo.