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Nyctophobia – Fear Us / Unleash

By |December 1st, 2014|Abducted Records, BLOG|

Nyctophobia - Fear Us / Unleash (Dubstep) Beatport>> http://bit.ly/ADUB085 iTunes>> http://bit.ly/ADUB085iTunes Juno Download>> http://bit.ly/ADUB085Juno Amazon mp3>> http://bit.ly/ABUB085Amazon Nyctophobia is back with 2 mental brain smashers that will melt straight through [...]

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Oculus ft Obridium & Captain Panic! – Skunk EP

By |November 17th, 2014|Abducted Records, BLOG|

Oculus ft Obridium & Captain Panic! - Skunk EP (Dubstep) Beatport>> http://bit.ly/ADUB084 iTunes>> http://bit.ly/ADUB084iTunes Juno Download>> http://bit.ly/ADUB084Juno Amazon mp3>> http://bit.ly/ADUB084Amazon Oculus is BACK and as brutal as ever. This 3 [...]

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Rapture – Shawkout / Stabbin’ (Drumstep / Dubstep)

By |November 3rd, 2014|Abducted Records, BLOG|

Rapture - Shawkout / Stabbin’ (Drumstep / Dubstep) Beatport>> http://bit.ly/ADUB083 iTunes>> http://bit.ly/ADUB083iTunes Juno Download>> http://bit.ly/ADUB083Juno Amazon mp3>> http://bit.ly/ADUB083Amazon Preview: https://soundcloud.com/abducted/sets/rapture-ca-shawkout-stabbin Canada's madman Rapture is back with an insanely energetic single [...]

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Rix Cena – Disform EP (Dubstep)

By |October 20th, 2014|Abducted Records, BLOG|

Rix Cena - Disform EP Beatport>> http://bit.ly/ADUB082 iTunes>> http://bit.ly/ADUB082iTunes Juno Download>> http://bit.ly/ADUB082Juno Amazon.com>> http://bit.ly/ADUB082Amazon Portugal madman Rix Cena holds nothing back with this explosive debut EP on Abducted Records. You [...]

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Aktive – Feel That Rush (Dubstep)

By |October 16th, 2014|Abducted Records, BLOG|

Aktive - Feel That Rush (Dubstep) Beatport>> http://bit.ly/ADUB081 iTunes>> http://bit.ly/ADUB081iTunes Juno Download>> http://bit.ly/ADUB081Juno Amazon>> http://bit.ly/ADUB081Amazon Aktive is back with 4 slamming songs that could very well implode the known universe. [...]

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Brothers Grim – 13 Goat Massacre / Humdinger (Dubstep)

By |September 22nd, 2014|Abducted Records, BLOG|

Brothers Grim - 13 Goat Massacre / Humdinger (Dubstep) Beatport>> http://bit.ly/ADUB080 iTunes>> http://bit.ly/ADUB080iTunes Juno Download>> http://bit.ly/ADUB080Juno Amazon>> http://bit.ly/ADUB080Amazon Release Bio: California knows how to party, and these natives do it [...]

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Tabata – Warzone (Deathstep)

By |September 8th, 2014|Abducted Records, BLOG|

Tabata - Warzone (Deathstep) [ Abducted Records ] Beatport>> http://bit.ly/ADUB079 iTunes>> http://bit.ly/ADUB079iTunes Juno Download>> http://bit.ly/ADUB079Juno Amazon>> http://bit.ly/ADUB079Amazon Tabata is BACK with an all new album full of brutality! These 4 [...]

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Moth – 666 Remixes (Deathstep)

By |August 25th, 2014|Abducted Records, BLOG|

Moth - 666 Remixes (Deathstep) Moth has been taking 2014 by storm, and the remixes of his track 666 have proven that remixes can be just as original and pulse [...]

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Richie August – Dying Time EP (Dubstep)

By |August 11th, 2014|Abducted Records, BLOG|

Richie August - Dying Time EP (Dubstep) One of the original members of the Alien Army comes back with this massive 4 song EP. Alaways true to his sound, this [...]

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Moth – Disconnected EP (Deathstep)

By |July 28th, 2014|Abducted Records, BLOG|

Get it at your favorite retailer Beatport>> http://bit.ly/ADUB075 iTunes>> http://bit.ly/ADUB075iTunes Juno Download>> http://bit.ly/ADUB075Juno Amazon.com>> http://bit.ly/ADUB075Amazon Abducted Records and Moth have been on a rampage in 2014, and we arent planning [...]

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