Please take a realistic comparison of your work to our current release schedule. We expect all artists to be sonically on par with what we are currently releasing. We do not accept WIP, Clips of projects, or anything but fully finished material. You must send a fully finished, full 320 version of your track. If your track is denied, please do not ask us for further feedback as we have made it policy not to do this anymore.
If you need a reference for our latest releases, please check the following link:

Abducted Records is ALWAYS accepting demos, but PLEASE make sure that what you submit is fully finished, and on par with our current releases. We do not accept WIP projects. Thanks for your time, and best wishes from the alien army.

Remember that some files may take a while to upload, so be patient! You will see a confirmation message once your file is done uploading.

If this form is down, or you prefer an alternate method, feel free to use and use our main email

  • Private Soundcloud link to your track or set. Do not send any WIP, Remixes or Bootlegs. We are only interested in new and finished material.