Dioptrics – Alien Science (30 minute Dubstep mix)

EZ GUYS. Decided to be productive and toss together a quick little 30 minute mix. Jammed full of goodness. Dont forget to drop by our new fan page and go “like” it. We need help getting our numbers up since we started it just recently! ALSO spread the love and share with your friends!



The Collective- Party (Hassassin RMX)[Abducted mpFREE]
Tonks – Portals [Abducted]
Zanetic – Get Up (Statix RMX)
Dayn – Blowdown
Barron – Dimensions Zero VIP [Abducted]
Hulk ft Messinian – Never Change
Static Function – Upheaval [Abducted + DubstepCuresCancer Cancer benefit release]
Dublime – Halloween
Tonks – SSAB [Abducted]
Synclan – Dangerzone
Bratkilla – Thou Art Dead (Rekoil RMX) [Abducted]
Barron – Tell ’em VIP [Abducted]
Zanetic – Two to the floor
Katy B – Katy on a mission (Hellicopter Showdown RMX)
Hulk – Turbulence [Abducted + DubstepCuresCancer Cancer benefit release]
Synclan – HII
J.Nitrous – Dragon Blood
1UP – Pow
kHoff – Higher Stakes [Abducted]
Obsidian – Pitch Black VIP
Tetsu – Zup Zup VIP
Klism – Enemy Lines [Abducted mpFREE]
Mantis – The Spread [Abducted]
Bratkilla – Expertus
Static Function – Axon
Hulk – Babe ruth
kHoff – Cartoon Protocol
Kill all bastards (Captain Panic RMX)
Bael+Nicksn – Bloodshed [Abducted]
Bratkilla ft Anal Cavity – Deathmachine [Abducted]


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