Dioptrics – The tale of the aliens that came to rape my sister but only ended up stealing my left shoe after an epic battle in the kitchen left them wounded LIVE MIX

Abducted is back with this EPIC mix. Titled after the real live event that sparked the inception of Abducted Records. In early 2008, Dorian Dioptrics and Dustin Golden (better known as DIOPTRICS) were at the dinner table drinking whiskey and feasting on a delightfully well cooked meal by their butler Hanson. When suddenly, a light flashed through the window, and the epic battle began. Quickly they drew their swords and fended the pillaging aliens away through the onslaught of lazer beams and noxious gasses. Much to their dismay, Dorian had lost a single left shoe to the battle. To this day, the location of shoe is still a mystery. THIS MIX, is the homage to that poor shoe that gave its sole to save Earth. <3


Ophlot – Hathor Temple (Abducted)
Future Signal – Incognito
Billain – Soulmatter
Lifelink – Endgame
Para – Away we go
Project B – Skyraider (Abducted)
Dextems – Hidden Path
Diode – Voyager (Abducted)
Billain – Phalando
Ophlot – Espicitalophram (Abducted)
Phace and Rockwell – Rat Race
Paperclip and Engage – Molecula
Semantics – Horror Show
Iron – Look Closer
Kryteria – Hunt you down (Abducted)
Dose – Squander
Dioptrics – Coldworld (Abducted)
Telekinesis – polaris
Dom and Rolland – Flux
Paperclip and Flexo ft Stim Axel – Zen
Receptor – Lullaby
Paperclip and Malk – Detective
Spor ft Tasha Baxter – Overdue
Dioptrics and Vice la Vice – Hornet Head
Jade and Mastif – Hyperion
Panic Girl – Burn and Rise (Phace RMX)
High Maintenance – Sun Flares
Project B – Warhawk (Abducted)
Matt-U and Jade – Moblaw (Fourward RMX)
Forbidden Society – Forcer
LineRunners – Bail Out (Abducted)
Optiv and BTK – Backlash
Dioptrics – Code of Honor
Muffler and Bare – Cybertron (Audio RMX)
Telekinesis – Sacrifice
Dom and Roland – Enforced
Blokhe4d – Beyond the void
Apocolyps and Roxod and Larrge – Hallucinogens
Rregula – Gravitron
Ble3k – Chrome
Fourward and Mefjus – Blur (Mefjus RMX)
Evol Intent vs Gein – Battle
Dioptrics – Inscript (Abducted)
Dom and Roland – Capsicum
Kryteria – G Loc (Abducted)
Evol Intent – Era of Diversion (Gein and Black6 RMX)
Dose – Martyrdom
Billain – Shrapnels
Kayus – Gillian
Unknown Error and Nickbee – Knight Time (Knickbee RMX)
Kryteria – Take Control (Abducted)
Icicle and Commix – Ultra Clean
Ophlot ft ZX – Figura (Abducted)