FINALLY it has arrived! The long awaited ALL ABDUCTED RECORDS MIX! A showcase of current and upcoming tunes from us here in the Abducted Mothership. ALSO featuring some freebies as well from us, so check the mix out, share with your friends and ENJOY! 2011 has been a massive year for us, and as you’ll see with this mix its only getting BIGGER!
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Bratkilla – Warzone
Wonkap ft Maksim – Chaingun
M-Theory ft Mag Mag – Clouds
Vannin – Kelevra
Static Function – Defense Mechanisms
Bratkilla – Singular Individuals
Bratkilla ft Vylex – God
Walka – Dubgusting
Bratkilla – Release The Swarm
Bratkilla ft Maksim – Resistence
Bratkilla – The Marching Dead VIP
Bratkilla ft Maksim – Anal Cunt
Daladubz – Wrath
Daladubz – Stainless
Partyson – We Pop Pillz
M-Theory ft Mag Mag – Bliss
T Vicious – Who Da Fuck
Mershak – Devils Advocate
Tim Ismag – Die!
Tim Ismag – Thor
Wonkap + Torrid – Mr X
M-Theory – Fly Into The Sun
Frank-E – N317V
Diode – Rockatron
Diode – Road Warriors
Vannin – Jacknife
Kannamix – Weed
Walka – Midievil Sirens (Walka’s Facefuck VIP remix)
Anal Cavity – Deepfry or Comply
Anal cavity – Go
Bratkilla ft Anal Cavity – Lie Detection Test
Halo Nova – XV
Static Function – Axon
Wonkap – Anguish
Tim Ismag – Time
Diode – Signature
Kaza ft Dash Total-D – Bane
Mershak – Bushido
Kannamix – Satanic Monkey
Dioptrics – Angel Dust
Dioptrics – Inscript
STHS – They Dont Know
STHS – The Thing
Kayus – Aurora
Qo – Mechwarrior
Qo – Crack Party
Effect – Abel – (STHS rmx)
STHS – Dimwit
Kayus – Lose Me
Project B – Warhawk
Project B – Skyraider
TDM – Jupiter


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