Abducted LTD presents
Fade – Randomize / Floppy Diskette

PREVIEW: https://soundcloud.com/abducted/sets/fade-randomize-floppy-disketteFade is easily among my top artists in the Drum and Bass world to watch of any style. He continuously finds new and forward thinking sounds and styles to push, and this release is no exception. Randomize is a straight dance floor filler, with hypnotizing melodies, and just an overall rocking arrangement. The bass will beat you senseless, while the melodies keep you moving. This one is definitely a dance floor anthem if there ever was one! On the flip, Floppy Diskette is a more mellow and abstract style of tune. This is definitely a tune that is great for laying back and watching the clouds roll by. Overall, you are sure to love this release if you love forward thinking drum & bass! Its always a pleasure to see a Fade tune fresh out of the DAW.


Preview on Soundcloud