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Hailing from the farthest outskirts of Scandinavia, JAHE aka Antti Juola has a fresh but rough spin on the drum’n’bass field. With inexhaustible passion towards producing – and after endless amount of sleepless nights of tweaking sounds at 174bpm, Jahe has shown significant results so far. As part of generation who grew up with the tightest drum & bass influences of pioneers like Ed Rush & Optical, Noisia, Black Sun Empire, The Upbeats etc. Jahe is now using his broad knowledge and gathered attitude on his own productions.

Jahe has also landed behind the decks, banging peoples nervous systems with a live DJ group called “TPMassive” (http://www.soundcloud.com/tpmassive)


Looking towards release with Abducted Records Jahe is ready for stepping in bigger picture.

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