Our team has mastered tunes for some of the biggest names on the planet. Each one that is on Abducted Records, or Abducted LTD, has been finalized by our team! Trusted and respected by many. The combined experience of decades in the music industry will help to make sure your music shines its brightest when its played out!


Abducted’s Mastering services are hands down the best mastering services we’ve gone through so far. Turn around time, Quality, and overall professionalism get ten stars from us
Brothers Grim

How to submit your tunes


Do not send tunes through that are not final, and do not meet the criteria listed in our form! We will not master just anything and if your song is not on the level we will not take the job (that’s why we do not charge when you submit). If your job is accepted, we will send you an invoice via Paypal that is to be paid prior to beginning any work. For larger projects, we will contact you to settle on a final price prior to invoicing. Small batch (6 or less) tunes have a set price and are non-negotiable.

  • How much are you offering to pay for this batch of tunes? We will offer large batch deals, but if you expect to pay 15$ for one tune then you are in the wrong place.
  • Files must be uploaded to Wetransfer or Sendspace. We do not accept files off private servers.
  • All files must be in .Wav or .Aiff format, with the peak level between -3db and -7db, 24bit (or more) and have no compressors or limiters on the main channel (if you dont know what this means, then you shouldn't be submitting tunes to be mastered yet)

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.