Raised in the jungles and sheltered from humanity, taught in theways of dubstep, emerges a creature like youve never heard or seen,Hooded Smoke. Owner and founder of Bassface Radio.(www.bassfaceradio.com)Smashing dubplates and exclusive mashups that make your mind and body lose control.Promoting live events around the world, with amassive list of worldwide connections, expect big things to come. 



Skrillex- Scary Monsters (Gang$ign$ Trap remix)
Baauer- Harlem Shake
p0gman- Whiplash
TrollPhace- Yup
Supreme – Prototype v2
Megalodon – Mercy Killing
I.Dot – Nephilim (Abducted Records)
Ra-Skl – The sound of Death (Abducted MPFree)
JPhelpz – Business shit (Forthcoming Abducted)
Torus – Shut the Fuck up
Stephen Walking – Live it up
Phear Phace – Stranger
TrollPhace – Fuck your face
Static Function – Defense Mechanisms (Reekon Remix (Abducted Records)
Fei Fei – Hold Up
Ponicz – Hold up (Midnight Tyrannosaurus Remix)
1UP – Thundergun
Alexandre – Crush, Crush, Kill (Abducted Records) 
Light it up – Flinch ft Heather Bright
Bold Equation – Killer Cinema
Attic – I Am Death VIP (Abducted Records)
Bratkilla – Parts in seperate (Abducted Records)
 Ra-Skl- Eternal (Abducted Records)