Netics – Machine Gun Tommy (Drum and Bass)

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Abducted LTD proudly presents our first full artist album, from NETICS. The Serbian powerhouse drum and bass team that is pushing the boundaries of Drum and Bass. In this diverse artist album of 12 tracks, there is something for any Drum and Bass lover. Wonderfully crafted sounds mix with pulse pounding arrangements.

Chris Muniz from Knowledge Magazine – “Took a listen to the Netics album – If anyone thinks that neurofunk is dead, then they haven’t heard the shit these guys are pushing! Great release”

RA:SKL – “Sweet-ass release! Great sound- and drum-work. Perfect for a mid-set throw down.”

Back up – “I listened to the Netics releasea and it sounds good! I liked the tracks in the album! Netics is great with their style !!

Blacklab – “Netic’s style is a nice blend of the technical stuff I like in D&B, but has a certain edginess that goes well with Abducted. I love the mechanical drive to some of the tracks. The effects with the drums and panning play well with the atmosphere of the music. Clean Filth comes to mind with it’s panning, whirring riser that gives a nice spinning feel. I really like Tommy’s Theme. Super heavy! kl;ajfjkl;df I like the little percussive fills like the toms and the robotic little stabs that build the groove/melody. Just pumps. Super heavy release! Big up. Looking forward to throwing someting into a mix!”

4Mulate – “Heavy doesn’t even begin to describe this vibe on the new Netics album on Abducted LTD. Watch out for this one on the dancefloors worldwide Great job”

Dioptrics – “Netics has busted their ass to form this massive LP and we are proud to push it on Abducted LTD. This is quite a versitile display of amazing drum and bass! There is sure to be something for any Drum and Bass lover!”