Product Description

Initializing on the American Independence Day, the Alien Army has been assembled to create a new, global Independence Day. The primary objective: take back the Earth from its current state of musical tyranny, lead by mindless idols. Being the most robust project that Abducted Records has done to date, the Alien Army has enrolled incognito aliens from around the Earth to create a monumental audible assault for fans who like it heavy. With double CDs and custom shirts available in Alien Army propaganda, the invasion is inevitable. Be prepared — the basslines will soon invade ears and minds around the world.

The Alien Army consists of the following warriors (In no particular order):
Dioptrics, 1up, Hulk, Itchy Robot, Skeeze, Ben Sage, Subsonik, RA:SKL, Tabata, MC Flax, We Bang, Slynger, Rufio, Crimes!, 4mulate, Jphelpz, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Nato Feelz, Isee, Hoob, Braincrack, Evanz, Arzien, Cek, Cemtek, Deszo, Dubscribe, Headtrama, Jahe, Jasek, K100, Netics, Noya, Nyctophobia, Oculus, SickorWell, Skydroid, Stupidhead, Vash, & Enzo.

Full digital release planned for July 4th, 2013, but wouldnt it be that much sweeter with an official Double CD in hand?

PREVIEW THE RELEASE BELOW: We are uploading a clip a day until we run out of clips! 35 tracks to upload, so keep it locked!