Abducted Records presents our next newest mix series: The Hybrid Mixes. On this edition, Volume 1, it is mixed by Dioptrics (the CEO of Abducted Records). This mix takes you on a journey through nearly 120 minutes of pure audible anarchy! Featuring a slew of amazing tunes that showcase upcoming Abducted releases, it is certainly a sneak peak into the arsenal Abducted is about to release onto the world. Not only that, but we made sure you will find current and upcoming releases from other various labels and artists to complete the spectrum. Be sure to pick this one up!!! And don’t forget to drop us a line at www.abductedrecords.com with any feedback!

01 Syndaesia- Glow Worm (Abducted Dub)
02 Kirkus- Pig Dog (Execu7ion dub)
03 Richie August- Wack (Dub)
04 Dreadzone- Gangster- Trolley Snatcha RMX (Dubwiser)
05 Kirkus- Noize (Abducted Dub)
06 Ali Love- Smoke and Mirrors- FuntCase RMX (Back Yard)
07 Syndaesia- Teethgrinder (Abducted Dub)
08 The One Hundred- Break Me Down- Tek-One RMX
09 Noisia- Split the Atom- Bar 9 RMX (Vision)
10 Kirkus- Kill Him (Abducted Dub)
11 Swagg- Like it Loud (Dub)
12 FuntCase- Takin’ the Piss (Prime Audio)
13 Decree- Simply Sound (Tuff Love Dub)
14 RSK- Black Books- Doctor P RMX (Dub)
15 Syndaesia- Bondage (Abducted Dub)
16 Fugative- Supafly- Tek-One RMX (Hard2Beat)
17 G31 & Kirkus- Here We Go- G31 VIP (Abducted Dub)
18 George Lenton- Troll (Wicky Lindows)
19 Skinzmann- Dubstruction (Abducted Dub)
20 J.Nitrous- Avalanche (Execu7ion)
21 Actraiser- The Plutonia Experiment- Kelly Dean & Steady RMX (Sub Pressure Dub)
22 Killafoe- Face of Horror (Abducted Dub)
23 Doctor P- Sweet Shop- Flux Pavillion RMX (Circus)
24 Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer- Blau!- Doorly RMX (Fools Gold)
25 Audio Bullys- Only Man- Jakwob RMX (Face Peice)
26 Tek-One- Broken String (Hench)
27 Flux Pavillion- Voscillate- Roksonix RMX (Circus)
28 Syndaesia- Firecracker VIP (Abducted Dub)
—–Drum and Bass—–
29 Dioptrics, Scoop & Vice la Vice feat Navigator- Nobody Can Judge Me (Dub)
30 DaVIP & Encode- High Technology (Breed)
31 Kryteria- Awake- Mefjus RMX (Abducted Dub)
32 Ble3k- Jugulin (Dub)
33 Alien Seed- Unison (Abducted Dub)
34 DaVIP & Encode- Vamanos (Breed)
35 Broken Note- Channel Zero (Ad Noiseam)
36 Kryteria & Ketz- Alive- Task Horizon RMX (Subculture Dub)
37 Ble3k- Victories Past (Dub)
38 Nasty G & Sick Cycle- Body Clock (Krypled Brain)
39 Rico & Scoop- Little Green Men- Neonlight RMX (DNA)
40 Malasuarte- The Grind (Abducted Dub)
41 Ble3k feat Crossbreed and MC Agez- Analog (Dub)
42 Alien Seed- Criminal Vision Abducted Dub)
43 Creakside- Scream (Abducted Dub)
44 KZSS- Crash (Abducted) OUT NOW!
45 Exorcist- Deathless (Fallout)
46 Semantics- Cash Money (Black Seeds Dub)
47 Kryteria & Ketz- Chains (TIM Dub)
48 TZR- Here We Remain (Abducted Dub)
49 Kaiza feat. Try and Error- Tomb- Try and Error RMX (Abducted Dub)

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