The weekly probe is a new project brought to you from Abducted Records with one goal. To help expose the world to music and people, and foster a community that helps build together! We have been looking for a way to help cross promote the people and projects that we have been hearing that have our attention, be it affiliated with Abducted or not.

For week one we have a STELLAR lineup! From the big guns, to the up and comers that aren’t as polished, we give exposure to them all here! We wanted to keep the spectrum of sounds wide to make sure that we are keeping the idea behind this project alive. So take a few seconds and get familiar with these awesome artists, and make sure to drop a comment below with your thoughts! We will be doing these every week so keep an eye out as

Sinister Souls & Brainpain

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Abducted Records

Ableton 9 is my DAW of choice, even though I also use logic, reason, and pro tools. I started working in FL and it was a great transition from FL to ableton because the workflow fits me really well. When I met Anthony Marengo he showed me it for the first time and I have never looked back. I have been working on refining my productions and holding back my tunes and re-working them till I am 100% happy with the way they have turned out. This tune is one of the ones from the new EP I have been working on. Lots to come soon and some huge announcements to make as well!




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The new ep out on Ultragore Recordings , is made up of 5 tracks all dubstep. Mechanical, ‘In my skin’ and ‘Madness of two’ were written and produced in collaboration with Impure, ‘Animal balls’ and ‘Mr.J’ are two of my personal tracks of two different styles.

Elon Soddu Kombot born in 1986 is a DJ / Producer Sardinian, at the age15 years he began to develop a passion for turntablism and scratching which he love it so much ,in 2008 begins to approach Hardtechno dancefloors play in partys based in italy and Immediately begins to produce the first tracks hardtechno and was noticed by various international labels with many release EP to come . In 2010 he opened his first Dezaster Records label”” which’s work with the best artists Hardtechno from Italian and international scene. Always add a passion about Drum & Bass.
For this reason kombot Started to be interested in dubstep and started to create his first tracks and his first sounds In 2011 and released his first officialdubstep EP with the dboxrecords with his friend impure.
The same year kombot decided to move in london where become more interested in dubstep and started to knowing the culture and started to be more passion by Dubstep so much so that he decided to lay aside for the moment is hardtechno project and get on whit is Dubstep .While i was living in london Kombot meet a producer caled Dirty Job they became friends and
In 2012 they start a label Bassacre rec also whit the help of Impure
Wich kombot relased his first album Bass Impact and many other different ep whit
other international artists , furthermore in 2012 kombot played in many clubs , the most famouse is The egg London and in other clubs like Kindergarten (Bolo) Code (MI) .
Now this days Kombot lives in Cagliari were he got is studio and managing the label……




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Costa Rican Dubstep/Drum and Bass Producer and Dj. This tracks were all about exploration, first tracks I can really say I’m proud of. Cheers




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Im a 19 year old dubstep producer who specialises in head choppin’ bass and filthy orchestral synths.



Double Agent

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After two years of production Double Agent has had several notable music releases; his most successful song ‘Debris’ released as a part of a free compilation through JesusDied4Dubstep, receiving over 13,000 downloads and being handpicked to feature in Going Quantum Podcast #23, alongside artists such as Addergebroed and Vaski. Other noteworthy releases include the release of his first EP ‘Against Us’ through Another Chance Records!



Damion Drumz

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Born and raised in Baltimore, I attended every event I could manage no matter where it was from about 1994 on just to hear drum & bass on LOUD systems. I started spinning in 1998 & I’ve since played events from NYC to Miami to Houston and everywhere in between. Keith Keck and I hosted “Lost In Bass” radio on WHFC in Maryland in 2000 providing the local jungle/dnb DJs with a weekly radio spot. Guests included : Spinage, Riser, Cleric, Idiom, Roc E Wrek, DJ Rev-E (Gangsta Fun), & Suzette. Focusing mainly on drum-n-bass & hip-hop, we were eventually shut down by the station manager for “innappropriate content”. Also in 2000, myself along with DJ Rev-E (Gangsta Fun) & Prime8 (Skypex) started Soul Science to organize dnb events in the Baltimore area. Due to unforseen circumstances, we all branched off into our own things and Drum Theory & Dioxide were born. Drum Theory is an all drum-n-bass promotion company and digital label ran with co-founder Skypex, and Dioxide is the two of us combined 😉





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