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Tim Ismag has been one of the fastest rising stars in the dubstep scene in 2011! With his definably “futuristic” sound, his tunes have been tearing apart dancefloors worldwide! This release is no exception! 3 solid upfront DISGUSTING tunes that are sure to be on everyone rotation!


This is without a doubt, one of Tim’s most solid works yet. Starting off with almost an army march style intro, it lures you into the huge breakdown. The tune then winds up and slams into overdrive as you feel like you are speeding through the universe. It drops with the simple cyborg quote “Destroy” and all hell breaks loose! Heavy synths and huge basslines barrage the listener like it was a battle for time itself! Towards the middle it breifly gives you a melodic break before pummeling you again with upfront and nasty sounds!



Die! starts out with a breakbeat style intro that is fun and easy going. Quickly it starts to wind up and you know trouble is incoming. Simular to Time, a single word is uttered “DIE!” and all hell breaks loose again! The synths start firing and once again your in the middle of the sonic war that is the Tim Ismag soundscape! Big drums and tons of FX make this one a must have!


THOR(exclusive mpFREE for our fans!):

As a thank you to our over 1500 fans on facebook, and celebrating over 30,000 listens on soundcloud, we give this one to our devoted fans FREE! Immediately the song starts out and you feel like you are in a different world, amongst the gods. Synthy stabs lead you into the tune as the drums wind up and you hear Thor’s hammer wind and drop! This epic stepper begins and you can almost hear the gods and creatures alike making noises as they run from the mighty Thor! Epic from start to finish, we are happy to give this out free to the world!


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