Tobax – Many Digital Faces EP
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Support From Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Audio, Billain, Roni Size, John B, Ed Rush, Cause4Concern, Evol Intent, Chris.Su, L 33, Misanthrop, Aphrodite, Phace, Dieselboy, Proxima + many more

Every so often a new comer steps onto the scene with such explosive force, that in an instant you know they are destined for greatness in the drum and bass scene. We believe Tobax is one of those artists. The Russian techstep dnb producer delivers both intense energy and immaculate technique in each and every tune he does, and this 3 song EP is no different. Punchy drums, driving bass and a tech influenced melodies are laced through each track. Mark our words that this is only the beginning of a long and sure to be astounding career for one of the newest stars in the drum and bass scene!