Abducted Records has come a long way since its inception in 2008. Forming into an entity that can stand apart amongst the crowd in a time that seems like is so oversaturated by mediocrity. This mix signifies everything that we have become, and what our future holds. 120 minutes of pure chaos delivered via Dubstep, Drumstep, and Drum and Bass. Mixed 100% LIVE, not chopped and pieced together, via 2 cdjs and serato. We hope you enjoy your journey through our alien mind. We can not thank you all enough for helping us grow day by day, it really does mean the world.

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Mantis- The Spread VIP ft Fronz of Atilla [Abducted mpFREE]
Brainpain- From Poland with Bass [Forthcoming Abducted]
Brainpain- Power of Evil [Forthcoming Abducted]
JPhelpz- Bustin’ Skullz [Forthcoming Abducted]
12gauge- Murder Death Kill (and Murder)( Bratkilla’s Break your neck RMX) [Abducted mpFREE]
Crimes!- Hustlaz [Abducted]
Attic- I am Death VIP [Abducted]
RA:SKL- Still Pushing [Forthcoming Abducted]
Bratkilla- The Archetypes [Abducted]
Bratkilla- Parts in Seperate [Abducted]
RA:SKL- Cockfight [Forthcoming Abducted]
RA:SKL- The Sound of Death [Abducted mpFREE]
Slynger- Perdition [Forthcoming Abducted]
Slynger- Soulstone [Forthcoming Abducted]
Static Function- Defense Mechanisms (Vannin RMX) [Abducted]
Skunk- Acid Bubble VIP [Forthcoming Abducted]
Static Function- Axon VIP [Abducted]
Mantis- The Arrival [Abducted]
Attic- No More Room in Hell [Abducted]
Barron- Tell ‘Em VIP [Abducted]
Brainpain- Biohacker [Forthcoming Abducted]
Static Function- Defense Mechanisms [Abducted]
Tim Ismag- Time [Abducted]
Cyberoptics- Cryosleep [Abducted]
I.Dot- H.A.A.R.P. [Abducted]
I.Dot- Nephilim [Abducted]
I.Dot- The Perfect Slave [Forthcoming Abducted]
Mantis- The Aftermath [Abducted]
Alexandre- Ruin [Forthcoming Abducted]
Alexandre- Skies Aflame [Forthcoming Abducted]
Hulk- Turbulence [Abducted]
Deadpool- Juggernaut [Forthcoming Abducted]
Electric Valentine ft Kids on Drugs- Skrillex Hair (Tonks RMX) [Abducted mpFREE]
Tonks- Portals [Abducted]
Alexandre- Harbinger [Forthcoming Abducted]
Alexandre- Subjugate [Forthcoming Abducted]
JPhelpz- Heat [Forthcoming Abducted]
Subject 31- Fire Squad [Abducted mpFREE]
Deadpool- Sabretooth [Forthcoming Abducted]
Mantis- The Flood [Abducted]
Hoob- Renegade Rows [Forthcoming Abducted]
Skitt B- Rinse Out [Abducted]
Skitt B- Planetarium [Abducted]
Dioptrics- Inscript [Abducted]
Linerunners- Bail Out [Abducted]
Hoob- Black Birds [Abducted mpFREE]
Hoob ft MC Flax- Girl [Forthcoming Abducted]
Project B- Warhawk [Abducted]
Diode- Voyager [Abducted]
Dioptrics- Tension [Forthcoming Abducted]
Linerunners- Barrel Scraper [Abducted]
Dioptrics- Cyclops [Forthcoming Abducted]
Dioptrics- Remorse (Sinistarr RMX) [Forthcoming Abducted]