One of  Abducted Records top dogs comes SWINGIN thru with this mix! GET IT NOW!!!


Static Function – Defense Mechanism (Abducted)
Phear Phace – Speculate
Daladubz – Stainless (Abducted)
Static Function – Axon (Abducted)
Bratkilla – The Matrix (Abducted)
Litov – I don’t know how to fly
Bong – Theta Waves
Skunk – Obliterate
Chaosphere – Venom
Bong – Fallen Angels
Tetsuo – Zup Zup VIP
Halo Nova – Insect Warfare
Lady Tragik – Dirty Bitch (Halo Nova Remix)
Rrrump – Chubby Decker (J.Rabbit Remix)
Dodge & Fuski – Guetta-Step
Addergebroed – Don’t Panic
Vannin – Power Up (Abducted)
Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 (Dash Total’D Remix)
Vannin & kHoff – Kryptonite (Gambit Remix)
Genetix – Here comes the dratsik
Rekoil – Pulverize (Transition Mix)
kHoff – Revelation
kHoff – Heat-Seeking Missile
Bare & Mark Instinct – AI